May 22, 2024

Winter season is about to knock our doors soon. Winter season is liked by everyone, but like any other season even this too has its own demerits. Winter season comes with plethora of problems and dry skin is one of the. In this season, our skin becomes extremely dry because the moisture in the air is very less and this dry air snatches away the moisture out from the skin. Therefore, we need to pay more attention to our skin in winter than in summer. 


Prevent dry skin problem in the following ways:

1. Use a natural moisturizer to exfoliate the skin. For this you can use butter, olive oil, coconut oil and honey. The absence of chemicals will make your skin healthy.


2. Use homemade toner and scrub to remove the roughness of the skin. For this, prepare a face mask with milk powder and glycerin with a few drops of lemon juice. Apply it daily for 10 minutes to get rid of dry skin.

3. Use aloe vera gel for dry skin as it has moisturizing properties. It helps in retaining the moisture of the skin.

4. Minimize the use of chemical products in the winter season. Because they can dry out the skin. Opt for hydrating foundation, cream base blush and hydrating mist instead of matte.


5. To keep the skin healthy, include collagen, sodium hyaluronate, antioxidant agents such as coenzyme Q10, beta carotene, astaxanthin, glutathione, zinc & selenium.

6. In winters, include essential fatty acids such as flaxseed oil capsules, primrose oil capsules, cod-liver oil capsules and omega 3,6,9 supplements to protect the skin from dryness and maintain its glow. This will keep the skin hydrated.

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